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by Female, 29 on Jessica Gross, LAc

A week after having strabismus surgery I came to Jessica to help relax the muscle, that was too tight, and she was amazing. With her technique I have noticed a huge improvement within days and I will continue to see her. I have also used Jessica's services for stress and anxiety relief and she formilated a special herbal formula that really did wonders. She is absolutely wonderful!

by Female, 25 on Jessica Gross, LAc

Just over a month before my husband & I's wedding I met with Jessica to talk about a fast track plan to weight loss, clear skin, good hair, and most importantly a happy & stress free bride. I am SO thankful I had the chance to work with her. My results-- I felt great. That was the most important to me, feeling good & healthy leads to a happy heart. Who doesn't want to be happy on their wedding day? I lost 15 pounds and couldn't have been happier with my skin or hair. Many commented on how relaxed I was leading up to the big day. Friends and family were in awe of the transformation and I was complemented more that day than I had ever been EVER. The best part for me was a clear face! I get nasty in growns on my neck and she gave me the perfect mixture to put on my face, All natural and things you can get at the local stare, who knew?! It was great to such a big improvement so I could be confident and not over do the makeup on my wedding day,

Overall it as an amazing experience, My now husband, was so impressed by my results that he joined in weeks before the wedding. It became a perfect rhythm that resulted in our perfect day! I recommend this plan to anyone, especially brides!

Thank you, Jessica!!!

by Male, 5 years old on Jessica Gross, LAc

I took my 5 year old son to see Jessica in May of 2013 in order to strengthen his immune system, improve digestion, and lower his inflammation load. Specifically, I wanted to focus on improving his many food & environmental allergies. My son has apraxia, a speech disorder, and I was surprised to see that acupuncture improved the clarity of his speech. I also saw immediate improvement in his fine motor skills. Acupuncture also became a go-to for seasonal allergy symptoms. My son has been eating a healthy, clean diet and has been on a few basic supplements off and on since he was 2. We did acupuncture on a regular basis with Jessica for one full year. My son was released from speech therapy in May of 2014 and his recent allergy test showed that he dropped 4 food allergies. He is now only allergic to fish and peanut. His peanut allergy is still there, but it is mild/moderate and according to his allergist, it is not severe enough to make his new kindergarten class this year nut free. His seasonal allergy symptoms have also tremendously improved. I feel like my son's wellness is due to a combination of age, diet, supplements, and acupuncture. It will continue to be part of our continued treatment on an as-needed basis. Jessica is great with children and my son always enjoyed going to see her. He never cried or was scared during a treatment. I highly recommend Jessica's services.

by Female, 32 on Jessica Gross, LAc

I started going to acupuncture after trying to conceive for 10 months. I conceived in the first cycle I started acupuncture and now have a sweet 2 month baby girl. This was my 3rd pregnancy and so far the easiest on my digestive system too! Thank you Jessica

by Female, 28 on Jessica Gross, LAc

I met Jessica at a point in my life where stress was a part of my everyday routine. I was so depressed that it was even difficult for me to fall asleep at night and get out of bed in the morning. I heard a lot of people talk about how acupuncture has changed their lives and helped them deal with their stress and how it helps keep it under control. Now I will admit that at first I was very skeptical about it, my thought process was "how are needles supposed to help me with my stress?". But I had gotten to the point where I was willing to try anything and so i took a leap of faith and I made an appointment with Jessica. The initial appointment was me basically telling her a little bit about myself and what I was seeking acupuncture for. She made me feel so comfortable and relaxed that I found it comforting to be able to speak with someone who didn't really know me and was willing to listen to my story and why I was so depressed and stressed out, and then came the needles. I thought that process was going to be painful but it wasn't and as she put them I started to feel a little bit of relief. Before you know it an hour had already passed because I was so relaxed that I had taken the best nap of my life. I haven't slept like that in a very long time. I left my appointment feeling so refreshed and had a feeling that things were going to get better for me and they are starting to. Jessica showed me different ways to handle my stress so that I don't get overwhelmed. She is honestly such an amazing person and she has changed my life in the most amazing way and I will be forever grateful.

by Male, 56 on Jessica Gross, LAc

I have always been hesitant with eastern medicine, as I was raised with the western medicine ways. So as my knee pain from multiple traumas worsened, the need for relief was imminent. To avoid the use of pain killers, I tried acupuncture. A friend told me the treatments he received from Jessica Gross really worked, and the needle thing is no big deal. I made an appointment with Jessica, her bedside manners are wonderful and comforting. He was correct, the treatments were very helpful for the knee pain. The needles are very tolerable, you hardly feel the entry. I find my sessions to be very relaxing with a calming effect. The acupuncture treatments serve as great alternative to the high cost of pain pills with all the side effects.

by Female, 29 on Jessica Gross, LAc

I just had my first ever acupuncture session with Jessica. I was nervous about how it would feel and especially concerned it might hurt. From the moment I entered the room, Jessica put my fears to ease and approached the treatment in a caring professional manner. Jessica's kind spirit, coupled with her informative nature made the entire experience enjoyable.

Not only was the treatment relaxing but it did not hurt! I was shocked. In the days after my treatment I felt less stressed and not as easily frazzled--even my husband noticed! I would recommend acupuncture to anyone who is looking for a way to help manage their stress level! I know I will continue treatment and would recommend Jessica to anyone!

by Female, 32 on Jessica Gross, LAc

I have been a patient of Jessica's for nearly a year, working to augment health issues related to hormone imbalances and anxiety as well as address conception support needs. Within the first month of treatment, my menstrual cycles regulated in length and improved in quality; this was my first indication that acupuncture was helping bring my body into better balance and harmony.

Jessica takes a caring, compassionate approach with her treatments. She always makes herself available to answer questions, goes out of her way to ensure patient comfort, and is truly vested in the success of her patients. Further, Jessica has been extremely flexible in working with my other doctors' protocols, helping ensure that I receive the best care in a synergistic, holistic manner.

Jessica is a true asset to the ACIM team and provides an invaluable service to her patients. I would highly recommend booking an appointment to any woman who, like me, is looking for a natural way to bring the body into balance and improve overall quality of life.

by 32 year old female on Jessica Gross, LAc

I came to Jessica Gross with a host of fertility issues caused by PCOS that had been mistreated for years. I started treatment with 15 cysts on my ovaries, rapid hair loss, embarrassing acne and a brain fog I couldn't escape. I continue treatment with her today, eight months later, with cyst- free ovaries, close to zero symptoms and best of all, my very first pregnancy. She's expertly thoughtful, tailors treatments to your specific needs and never ever gives up.

by 2 year old female on Jessica Gross, LAc

“I love acupuncture! Acupuncture feels great!”

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