PediatricNeedles_ImageAcupuncture needles are used on certain areas of the body to stimulate a neurological, chemical and mechanical response for internal change. For more information regarding the details of treatment please visit the FAQ page. Treatments are available for male & female patients of all ages.

Pediatric Acupuncture – Gentle acupuncture treatments for children of all ages are offered. You might just be surprised at how brave your little one can be and how painless they truly find the treatments to be! Please inquire for more information.

AbdNeedleStages of Treatment (Relief, Corrective, and Maintenance):

  1. Relief – Symptom relief for improved Quality of Life
  2. Correction – Begins during relief stage and persists once symptoms subside. It is important to continue to treat the condition even after the symptoms are gone. Symptoms are only our body’s
    way of telling us there is a problem that it has tried to fix and failed. This means that although symptoms are gone, the problem may not yet be resolved. It is our goal to reduce or eliminate the
    core problem so that the symptoms do not return.
  3. Maintenance & Prevention – An important phase of treatment to maintain natural, healthy order within the body.

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Cups_ImageCupping is an ancient suction technique used to pull toxicity out of the body and stimulate healthy circulation. The intensity of the suction can be increased or decreased to the patient’s comfort level. However, most find
it to be very therapeutic and effective in their treatment, similar to a deep tissue massage.

Specific conditions treated with cupping:

  • Pain and stiffness – cupping facilitates elimination of lactic acid stored in the tissue and stimulates healthy blood flow.
  • Lung conditions such as – Cough, Bronchitis, Upper Respiratory Tract Infections, Asthma, etc.: The suction of the cups will stimulate the Lungs and help break-up mucous and phlegm that is trapped in the Lungs for easier expectoration & faster recovery.
  • Immune Support with improved circulation and warmth
  • Cellulite Reduction Therapy: Cups are used over the area of concern to assist in breaking up accumulated fat cells to smooth out the surface of the skin. Please call for more information about
    this treatment.

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Moxa_ImageMoxibustion (“moxa”) is a very important technique in Chinese Medicine. Moxa treatments use the medicinal property of dried mugwort over specific areas on the body to reduce pain, increase blood flow, stimulate energy, and strengthen immunity. The treatment is very soothing and is highly requested by my patients.

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Electric Stimulation

PediatricEstimProbes_ImagesElectric stimulation is connected to the needles with alligator clips to produce a rhythmic release of the deep tissue the needles are targeting Electric stimulation is very effective in specific cases of pain and poor circulation.

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Needle-Free Options

Electric Stimulation Probes aka “tickle machine”, Tui Na (a type of massage), Acupressure, Magnets and Press-Seeds are available as needle-free treatment options.

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Facial Rejuvination

Cosmetic acupuncture is used to stimulate collagen production and muscle tone in the facial muscles to prevent atrophy (sagging) and fine lines and wrinkles. This treatment is most appropriate for prevention; however, results show fewer wrinkles, improved symmetry of the face, improved complexion and skin tone and an overall more youthful appearance.

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Herbal Medicine

Chinese herbal medicine is a safe form of treatment and follows the same 3 phase principle as Acupuncture Treatment.

Chinese herbs are carefully prescribed and customized for each patient’s specific condition. Chinese herbs are offered through food as a medicinal, raw formulas to be cooked, granulated teas, capsules and tinctures.

Pediatric formulas are also available.

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file0001400964044Chinese Nutritional Counseling

Start with the basics – the food that you are and are not eating is taking a toll on your health. Learn how to support your wellness goals and eat for your specific earth element type based on Chinese nutrition as medicine.

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Tui Na

Asian body work used to alleviate pain, improve range of motion, stimulate acupuncture points, promote circulation and enhance energy.

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Placenta Escapsulation

Services coming soon!

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