Acupuncture & Weight Loss

I am frequently asked about Acupuncture for weight loss. A recent study and the holiday push to slim down for the New Year suggests the need for answers. Acupuncture, like many weight loss therapies, does not and cannot work alone for weight loss. Proper exercise, portion control and careful food choices are key components to your weight loss […]

Say Goodbye to Headaches with Chinese Medicine

The treatment of headaches in Chinese Medicine is based particularly on where on the head the headache manifests and what triggers them to come on. Isolating the cause of a headache will help to properly diagnose and treat the cause of the pain. For example, a headache can often be triggered by moods & stress, […]

Summer Colds & Chinese Medicine

  Summer colds are notorious for sticking around for weeks and tend to have stronger symptoms than the colds and flus in the winter. Not only does this ruin summer plans, but they tend to catch us by surprise. We have learned to be preventative and ready for winter colds but in the summer we […]

Acupuncture & Speech Disorders in Children – Part 2

This week, I will discuss a follow-up to the introduction of Acupuncture & Speech Disorders. Part 2 focuses specifically on treatment possibilities both in the acupuncture clinic and at home. In my treatments, acupuncture needles for children are generally quite small and the needle retention time is around 10-15 minutes. I tend to do most […]

Acupuncture & Speech Disorders in Children – Part 1

Recently, I was honored to be featured as a guest writer for a fantastic blog written about a young boy’s journey with apraxia Jake’s blog is a great resource for mom’s with children on the same path. Here is Part 1 – stay tuned for Part 2! Chinese medicine is a complete system of medicine offering treatment options […]